188 Park Drive

Caro, MI 48723

About Us


Our Club was started in 1976 by Dave Babcock. He contacted local people interested in keeping a Tractor Show in Caro after the Saginaw Valley Steam Association decided to leave when new baseball diamonds were installed on the infield of the Fairground Race Track.  The Saginaw Club had their show on the infield, using the race track and grandstands for their parade. The Saginaw Club was in Caro from 1965 through 1975.

Dave was the first president of the Caro Club in 1976 & 1977. He believes Maurice Evans was the second President for two terms of one year each term.

It was always a tractor show as well as an old engine show, but in the early years the engines outnumbered the tractors. It included all brands of tractors and equipment as they all fed this country for a long time. Dave was elected later for two more terms as President of the Club.

We have a Toy Sale in February, a Tractor, Engine, and Equipment Show in August with a Feature, and started a Swap Meet in October, 2013. We welcome any and all new members to our Club. Please look at our list of events and contact any of us if you have any questions.